How energy retailers have been ripping you off and what you can do about it

We’ve come along way in the last 17 years since energy markets in Australia began deregulation.  The plan in the beginning was to allow private companies to enter into the market and offer retail contracts to consumers, and in doing so competition would drive positive price outcomes to customers.  Well, that was the plan anyway, […]

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Revealed: Over $2k per annum in savings from the best and worst electricity deal

Picture this, you’re out of milk so you quickly shoot up to the local shops to pick up 2 litres to replenish your supplies.  You’re faced with a bunch of options but surprisingly you scratch your head pondering why some brands cost $7 for 2L of standard blue top milk and others $3.  You think […]

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One simple trick to avoid nasty energy bill surprises

It’s a well-known fact that the energy market can be a trap for misinformed energy consumers.  Most people you speak to have a story of receiving a surprise electricity or gas bill in the mail, where out of the blue their bill has spiked by 10,20,30 or even up to 40% from one bill to […]

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